Welcome Back!

School is officially in session! We joyfully embark upon this 2015-2016 Academic Year after having experienced an unprecedented growth in enrollment over the spring and summer. Our faculty, staff and administration enthusiastically welcomed all of our new and returning students this week. The school house is swelling with the markings of Classical learning and Christ-centered spiritual growth already as freshly crafted art-work is hung, classroom routines are perfected, and community goals for the year are organized and written out.


Can you tell which of these SBE students are new and which are returning?

Neither can we.

Happy new school year!



Parent Testimonials

Newly enrolled family: “When we found out about St. Benedict Elementary, we couldn’t believe that there was a school in the area offering such a rich and rigorous program within the Catholic tradition…[G]reat effort is made to elevate the intellectual and spiritual potential of every child…No other school we considered puts virtue-based character education as one of their goals…We can’t wait for our family to be a part of its community.”

“The quality of education and staff is amazing. The focus on virtue is a blessing. My boys come home happy, excited and with a changed attitude towards school and what it means to learn. Thank you, SBE!”

“With the strong character building and academic rigor they are receiving from SBE, we are confident the boys are on their way to becoming mature, loving, well-educated adults.”

Read more parent testimonials here.

SBE-BeecherHouseSt. Benedict Elementary is a co-ed independent school that offers a classical education in the Catholic tradition for students in Kindergarten through Grade 6. At St. Benedict Elementary, we strive to cultivate intellectual and moral virtue in the pursuit of academic excellence, in a joyful and faithful Catholic environment. At St. Benedict Elementary, students enjoy the merits of small class size, with maximum class size of 14 students.

St. Benedict Elementary Provides Alternative to Common Core

Sandra Stotsky on St. Benedict Elementary: “Schools like SBE provide young students with a breadth and depth of learning unheard of in Common Core schools by putting them in conversation with admired and enduring characters in literature and history—those that have shaped Western Civilization and the Western moral imagination. By steeping students in the works of the great intellectual, moral, and artistic leaders in world history, they have models to emulate: models of fine reasoning and writing but also often of fine character. This is precisely what young children need today.”

Read more from the Natick Patch and see our Academic Vision and the Classical Difference to learn more.

St. Benedict Elementary is a proud member of the National Association of Private Catholic and Independent Schools (NAPCIS)


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Cardinal O’Malley grants SBE official status as independent “Catholic” school

Read about SBE’s New Headmaster

Read Mr. Boren’s letter to the school community.
Read the Board of Trustees’ announcement

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SBE partners with TADS

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SBE Art History Makes News

Students Recreate Leonardo daVinci’s painting, “The Last Supper”


5/6th Grade Debates Whether Caesar was Good for Rome. For more school news, enjoy reading our weekly news in Ora et Labora

SBE Becomes Member of NAPCIS

Membership provides assurance that a school has met the high standards of spiritual and academic excellence which characterize NAPCIS schools.

New Enrichment Programs

Learn more about our After School Enrichment programs in Art and Music. Private piano lessons also offered.


Chaplain Fr. Brown Speaks to SBE Students About Virtue

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